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(This article was originally published on Beverly Hills Courier magazine.)


Mojee Amirvand believes everyone deserves the perfect eyebrows.

At Permanent Makeup by Mojee, offered exclusively at Rodeo Surgical Art, she offers PhiBrows, the latest technique in microblading to achieve the most natural-looking eyebrows.

PhiBrows is a manual skill of semi- permanent eyebrow drawing. The shape of the eyebrows is based on the archi- tecture of the face to achieve the opti- mum beauty of the eyebrow.

Ultimate symmetry is achieved by designing the shape that compliments all facial features, and with the help of PhiBrows digital applications and gold- en intersection eyebrow compass.

Mojee was “blown away” when she first learned about this world-class European technique—created by Grandmaster Branko Babic, taking microblading to the next level.

PhiBrows is also popular with men, in Europe and growing in the U.S.

High quality vegan pigment—cho- sen to match a client’s hair or eyebrow color—is applied into the dermis layer of skin using sterilized manual tools. Strokes are always drawn in the direc- tion of natural hair’s growth to achieve a hyper-realistic look. “It’s not natural to have the hairs all going in one direc- tion,” says Mojee. “The way hair grows on the scalp and eyebrows is like a dance. Each hair has it’s own move- ment.” However, perfect results can also be achieved even if clients have few or no hair.

The 90-minute treatment is per- formed with the artist wearing gloves, with sterile tools and under numbing and anesthetic creams for comfort and controlling pain. There’s no down time, says Mojee. Since it’s estimated that women spend eight to 10 minutes a day.

Mojee Amirvand at an eyebrow make- over event in collaboration with Lancome to introduce the PhiBrows technique to customers.

or six and half full days a year on their eyebrows, PhiBrows its a timesaver with always perfect results, says Mojee who also spends a lot of time, correct- ing work done by others.

With more than 13 years of master training and experience, Mojee also pro- vides traditional permanent makeup procedures including eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color. The procedures are attractive options for women with active lifestyles or sensitive eyes, and for all who want to “wake up with per- fect make up.”

Her services at Rodeo Surgical Art are part of the plastic surgery practice of Dr. David Mashhadian. “He sees his work as art and he’s a perfectionist like me. It’s a great partnership.”

“Permanent makeup is not my job, it’s my passion, says Mojee. That pas- sion carries over to her charity work, helping women suffering from cancer.

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Published on BHCourier E-edition 121616.