important things to know
before choosing a
Microblading Artist


important things to know
before choosing a
Microblading Artist

"Choose only the Best for your Face and make a lasting smart decision."

10 top questions to ask before your Microblading appointment

Where did you get your certificate from?

A good Microblading artist has at least 1 or more certificates from a respected academy for microblading. Having just permanent makeup certificate does not qualify for being a qualified microblading technician.

How long have you been doing Microblading?

Make sure you only go to microblading artists that have at least one year of experience unless you are 100% comfortable.

Which brand do you use for pigments?

The best Microblading brand of tools and high quality Microblading pigments are extremely important to achieve ultra realistic natural results. Mojee Amirvand strongly recommends Phibrows as the gold standard of Microblading in 2022

Which social media platform can I see reviews?

Ask for testimonials and reviews with lots of before and after photos. Pay attention to the details and make sure the artist has a diverse portfolio and not just one-shape-fits-all.

Where do you work? (med spa/nail salon)?

Microblading involves needles and must be performed in a medical grade sterile/clean environment, approved by the state for tattoo and body art facility. There are exceptions as many special events and trainings have been facilitated and pre-approved for mciroblading and permanent makeup in bigger arenas like hotels.

Can I have a free consultation before scheduling?

A professional artist no matter how busy, always has time for a free consultation, will show the shape and colors before they start, and will explain the details.

Is the touchup included in the fees?

You should never pay for the first touchup as you will loose 30% or more of the hair strokes on first session.

What are the pre-procedure/After care?

Your time is valuable. Please make sure you are provided with the Microblading pre-procedure and aftercare prior to the appointment. Make sure to avoid all necessary do-not list and be prepared for limitations of activities during after-care.

How long does it take and how soon do I come back for touchup?

Each Artist has different paste and you need to know how long you will be in the studio and arrange your day accordingly. The good news is there is no down-time for microblading so you can return to your daily activity immediately-after with few exceptions (call for details).


  • If you made an appointment with a specific artist, do not compromise for another artist or get surprised last minute.
  • Do not start the treatment unless the Artist has discussed all health questionnaire and answered all your concerns and questions.
  • If the Artist or facility does not appear clean – you must reconsider!
  • Remember It’s your FACE and you should choose only the BEST.

Please email or call us at 949.246.0033 for additional questions or details. We are always happy to Help.

Wishing you a lovely Glam experience 🙂

Mojee Amirvand

Hello! I am MOJEE

Over 18 years of Master training in Permanent Makeup, Phibrows Microblading- 3D eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips and over 25 years of expertise in the Beauty industry.
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